3 – Presidential Book Challenge

After reading about some of the ladies on the NBC (Nest Book Club) challenging themselves to read a biography on each U.S. President, I thought, “What the heck?  Let’s do it.”  So, here I am kicking off what I hope will be a challenge filled with new insights and information I never even hoped to learn.

I’m definitely into history and learning more about how we, as a world, people, society, got to where we are today.  I’m excited to see what all I’ll learn.  I know this challenge will take a long time for me to complete especially because a lot of the biographies are hundreds and hundreds of pages long.  I’ve already chosen books for the first 20 presidents (George Washington through James Garfield).  We’ll see how it goes.

First Up: His Excellency: George Washington written by Joseph J. Ellis.

Coming Soon: The Bronze Horseman written by Paullina Simons will be reviewed.  I still have a little less than 300 pages to read, but I can already say that this book is excellent.


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