6 – Presidents and Treadmills

Since getting married, I’ve gained 15-ish pounds.  Don’s done the same.  So, to work at shedding the pounds I’ve gained, I’m working on eating healthier as well as exercising.  I want to get my body in baby-ready shape.  Those of you that know me well know that I hate exercising.  Every time I get on our treadmill, I end up hurting myself.  I tend to push myself too hard to see results and, obviously, when I hurt myself, I can’t do anything.

So, this time…I’m combining healthier food choices and simply walking (a bit of a fast walk) on our treadmill.  No running allowed.  My knees and ankles hate the running.  So, 2 1/2 miles at least 3 times a week.  And while walking, I plan on reading my current presidential book.

Yesterday was my first day at this.  It turned out great!  Every time I ran on the treadmill, I would get bored after about 5 minutes.  No matter what I was doing…listening to music or watching a movie.  B.O.R.I.N.G.  So, now that I’m just walking, I can easily read!  My favorite thing to do!  I walked for 46 minutes yesterday, going 2.57 miles…and it felt like I’d been doing it for 5 minutes!  I finally found the best combination for me!  My favorite past-time combined with my least favorite.

According to the app I’m using (Noom), I’ll shed a pound a week at my current level and should be good come Christmas time.  Just in time for all of the Christmas cookies!

Hmm……maybe I should re-think this timeline.


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