9 – E-Mealz

So I was messing around on The Nest today and saw a post regarding menu planning.  One of the ladies said to check out the link in her signature.  Since I used to be so good about menu planning, I thought I’d check it out hoping it would give me a boost back to the menu planning lifestyle.  Oh man!  I’m so glad I did.

Check out E-Mealz!

This place is fantastic!  Yes, it does have a minimal cost.  $1.25 per week.  Or $15 for 3 months/12 weeks of menus.  That turned me off…at first.  Then I read through their site and what they actually offerred.  It’s a great idea!

Not only do you get the menu, but they have it all planned out and easy to read.  On one sheet of paper you have the menu for the week and all of the recipes.  On a second sheet of paper you have the grocery list sorted by department in the grocery store.  AND, if that wasn’t already great, you can get your menu not only store specific but menu specific.  They offer low-fat menus as well as low-carb, vegetarian, and others.  What’s nice for me is that they offer a “Menu for 2 or 3”.  I love that I’ll be able to make enough food for us and a leftover for my lunch the next day.  We won’t be wasting leftovers anymore!

The store specific option coincides with the specials at that store for the week.  Sadly, they don’t have Giant Eagle, our local store.  BUT, they do have Wal-Mart (not that I’ll shop there), Publix, and Aldi among others.  I’m so excited about this website!

I just signed up today and have printed out the menu for this week as well as last week.  I’ll begin our dinners next week and I’m really looking forward to seeing how this is all going to work.  I opted for the “Low Fat Meal Plan for 2”.  Here’s cookin!!

If you want to check E-Mealz out, click on the link to the left and it’ll take you right there!


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