10 – I Need Some Goals…

Back at the beginning of 2007, I created a list of goals for myself to accomplish and strive for that year.  They were as follows:

1. Live Healthily and Actively – don’t try to be “super-psychotic-health-freak-girl” but be more aware of what I eat, do, and don’t do. Actually try to have a healthy body.
2. Live Real and Honestly – be true to who I am and who I present to others. Do not hide it. Do not be ashamed.
3. Enrich My Mind part 1 – go back to school to get my Masters Degree.
4. Enrich My Mind part 2 – read at least one book a month. (academic, fiction, whatever. just read more.)
5. Live Simply – stop using my disposable income for unnecessary purchases. Instead, increasingly pay down student loans, credit card, and car.
6. Branch Out – get out of my bubble and do something “unlike” me or “unexpected”.
7. Live Lovingly and Selflessly – let those I love know that I love them. Show them this love more often.

I thought those were pretty great goals.  I liked them so much, I chose to keep them for 2008 as well.  Since then, so much has changed in my life and I think I’m ready to move on to other goals.  Even if they’re simple.  Just certain things I’d like to do.  Maybe I should make it my “Before I Turn 30” list or something like that.

Hmm…I like this idea.


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