14 – Our First Week of E-Mealz

So, here are our meals from our first week of E-Mealz.  They were all pretty good.  What we ate was:  (top left) Better Beef Enchiladas, (top center) Open Faced Chicken Ranch BLTs, (top right) Saucy Picante Chicken, (bottom left) Citrus Grilled Salmon, (bottom right) Molasses Pork Tenderloin.

The only one that I wasn’t too crazy about was the salmon.  It tasted alright, I’ve just never made salmon before and so I kept worrying that I undercooked it.  Everything else was great!  Donnie’s favorite was the pork tenderloin we ate last evening.

As Donnie’s getting a bit sick of chicken, he’s excited this week includes two evenings of sausage!  I’m looking forward to the Sweet Potato Pancake night!

I won’t have another post like this, unless I make something that is incredible and I have to share.  All in all, we’ve been happy with E-Mealz so far!  I’d definitely recommend checking it out!


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