24 – Journal Started

I began reading The Power of a Praying Wife yesterday and soon after wrote my first entry in my prayer journal for/about Don.  Since there are 30 “categories” (chapters) to pray about, I’m going to do a category a week.  I’ll read the new chapter on Sunday and will journal about that category that week.  I’m very excited about this!

After finishing the introduction, I was getting more and more excited to start writing.  But after reading the first chapter, “His Wife”, I was a bit discouraged.  In starting this journal, I wanted to be praying for Don.  Then to read that the first chapter is all about praying for myself.  That was unexpected.  But it makes sense.  How can I be intentional about my prayer for him if I’m resentful or angry or upset or hurt or whatever because of something he has done?

So this journal is starting out different than I expected.  But it’s good.  I’m really having to delve down and let it all out.  Mainly, my prayer has been, “Change me, Lord, so I can be a better and more loving wife for him.”  That’s all I really want.

I want to know how to better love my husband.  I want to better love my husband.

I’m excited about this.


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