26 – Giving Thanks

Happy Thanksgiving!

Today, I am so thankful for………

My husband.  Don is truly my rock.  He’s the one I know will be there with me through anything and everything.  God is so good and He totally gave me the man I need beside me.  I couldn’t have chosen better.

My family (in-laws included).  They are, without a doubt, the best family ever.  They’re supportive, giving, loving, and caring.  Not to mention they’re all hilarious.  We couldn’t get along better.  🙂

My friends.  I’ve had friendships come and go…but those I am lucky to call my friends are those that have stuck by me.  They are the ones I have and will continue to hold close to my heart as well as hold up when they can’t hold themselves.  They are family.

My cat.  Charlie has been mine for 6 years now.  He’s been with me through failed relationships and moved with me from Florida, to Georgia, and back home here to Pittsburgh.  He always knows when I’m feeling crappy and snuggles with me to make it better.

I know there is more to be thankful for….our house, my job, my car, food on the table, the computer to be able to share this.  But I’m most thankful for the people in my life.  God is so good.  He gives good gifts.

Thank you, Lord, for Your wonderful gift of grace and the love You’ve given me through the special people in my life.


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