42 – “Seduction by Design” by Sandra Brown

OK…here’s the summary from Goodreads for this book.

“Hailey Ashton projects an image that she’s on top of everything, but no one realizes that she lives a life of quiet emptiness — not ready to have a relationship, not willing to give herself body and soul to a man.

Never able to compete with her younger sister, the thoughtless beauty of the family, Hailey opted to be the “good girl.” But when she meets Tyler Scott — her rich, attractive new boss — she longs to be anything but good. She wants to be chic, smart, and savvy.

Tyler is self-assured with women. But when it comes to being a father, he’s got a lot to learn. Hailey Ashton seems perfect. His attraction to her is so powerful he wants her in his arms — as well as in his daughter’s life.

In Seduction by Design, Hailey and Tyler discover that relationships don’t happen on demand — and trust must be earned as Hailey faces the challenges that forever change what a woman thinks, who she is, whom she loves.”

Well, I received this book through a Goodreads giveaway win. Though, technically, I won another book, but this audiobook came along with it and I’ll never turn away a free book!

This was a sweet love story between Hailey and Tyler. A typical, he wants her but she’s shy and unsure of herself story with him having a daughter thrown in.

I definitely enjoyed this book. It was sweet and fluffy. Those types of books are always enjoyable.

Not much else to say with regards to this except that if you want something light and romantic, this is a good choice.


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