56 – Update…Of Sorts

1. I just finished the fourth fluffy romance novel in my stack of four.  I’ll post a consolidated review of each of them.  This last one was my favorite.  It was super cute.

2. My left ankle and surrounding area have been sore since Thursday evening.  It’s hurting to walk on it.  Don thinks I have the start of a shin splint.  Needless to say, once again, Jillian is on hold.  I’m getting sick of this.  Every time I get on a roll of working out or doing something active, I get hurt.  Not cool.

3. Out of that huge stack of books in one of my below posts, I’m having a hard time choosing what to read next.  I really want to start Voyager by Diana Gabaldon since it’s the next in the Outlander series, but I also want to give the rest of my books a bit of a chance.  Not to mention, I went against what I said I was going to do and bought Voyager and another book after I said I shouldn’t be allowed to until I made a dent in my pile.  Oh well.  🙂

4. I can’t believe February is already half over!  That’s crazy! This year is already going by quickly.

5. I’ll post my consolidated review of the four fluffy romances when I get to work tomorrow.

OK…that’s all.  🙂


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