57 – Four Fluffy Books

As I’ve mentioned, I had four fluffy romances that I wanted to get through before going after any other book in my to-read pile.  I finished the fourth one yesterday.  Here they are.

The Thrill of Victory by Erin St. Claire (Sandra Brown)

As you can see, this even looks like a cheesy romance novel.  Here’s the summary from Goodreads.com.

“Stevie Corbett is in jeopardy of losing everything she’s sacrificed and worked so hard for — her career, her reputation, her future. Her life. Now she has just two weeks to make a monumental decision, but her fate rides on keeping the truth a secret.

Judd Mackie’s job is to uncover secrets. He’s spent the past few years trailing Stevie, determined to expose her as the spoiled glamour girl he believes her to be. Then a chance meeting with Stevie offers him the story he’s been dreaming of.

He’s waited years for an opportunity like this to fall into his lap. Now he has the chance to scoop the story of the year and let the whole world know the truth about Stevie. All he needs to do is betray her trust . . .”

I received this book through a Goodreads First-Reads Giveaway. 
It was a cute story and definitely had the fluff I love in Romance. It wasn’t a spectacular story, but sweet and gave me the break I needed between heavier and longer reads. I’d recommend it if you have the urge for a quick, fluffy read.

Tempest in Eden by Sandra Brown

Here’s another one I received as a Goodreads First-Reads Giveaway.  And the summary…

“A renowned artist’s model, Shay Morrison has posed nude to inspire great works of art. But hidden inside her, where no one can see, is the pain of a failed marriage. Then she accidentally walks in on Ian Douglas – as he steps from the shower. His embarrassment and disapproval of Shay are immediately apparent. What isn’t so obvious is his profession: Ian is a minister in a very staid community. Challenged and hurt, Shay decides to try to make him fall in love with her. Yet as she plans to capture Ian, her best-laid plans take her into emotional territory where she’s never been… Now a woman with a troubled past tries to understand a man different from anyone she has known before, and the new feelings rising from her heart.”

This book was just like any other fluffy romance. It had a cute storyline, though. I never thought I’d ever read a romance where the male lead was a minister! But, it was refreshing to see a romance where the couple was adamant about not having sex until they were married.

It was a sweet and fluffy story. Nothing I’d go out of my way to pursue and find in a bookstore…but cute nonetheless.  I liked it.

The Snow-Kissed Bride by Linda Goodnight

I found this book for $0.50 at Half-Price Books.  I love that store.  Here’s the Goodreads summary.

“A secluded cabin nestled in the Rockies is the perfect place for Melody Crawford to hide from the world. With her two faithful dogs, she fearlessly puts her life on the line to rescue missing people…but the rest of her life is a mystery. Ex-army ranger John North needs Melody’s help–she knows the unforgiving mountains better than anyone. Melody sees John as an outsider, but this enigmatically beautiful woman calls to the man inside him. She needs to trust him, and, come what may, he’ll break down her barriers–kiss by snowy kiss….”

This was a very sweet story about a woman devastatingly hurt in the past and how one man was able to push past her defenses and show her that she’s worthy of love and able to love.  It was definitely fluffy and light, but I enjoyed it.

Ordinary Girl in a Tiara by Jessica Hart

I also found this book at Half-Price Books for cheap.  Here’s the Goodreads summary.

“Newly single Caro Cartwright has decided that when it comes to life (and men), ordinary is good. Until her best friend, Princess Lotty, begs her to stage a diversion by masquerading as Prince Philippe of Montluce’s latest squeeze….

Playboy Philippe thinks their attempt is doomed. How can he pretend to be in love with someone like Caro, who’s so…unglamorous? Then Caro starts winning hearts left, right and center—including his. Can Philippe convince Caro not to settle for normal—but for an extraordinary life as princess of Montluce?”

This was such a lovely story! I was very surprised by how much I enjoyed this book! Just another sweet and fluffy love story about an ordinary girl, who happens to be best friends with a princess, and how she falls in love with her best friend’s cousin, the Crown Prince. A lovely story about how, underneath the titles and glitz and glamour, a Crown Prince is just a regular guy.  Very cute story. I’d definitely recommend it.


As you can see, they were all very light reads.  My favorite of the bunch was the last one.  It was nice to get through four books within a week, but I’m happy to be taking a break from all of the romance.  One every here and there is one thing.  Four in a row…a bit harder to swallow.

I’m in the middle of listening to Just Listen by Sarah Dessen.  It’s been alright.  We’ll see where it goes.

I also started reading Hex Hall by Rachel Hawkins yesterday.  It’s a breath of fresh air since it’s a young-adult paranormal book.

I’m just happy to be out of the romance for a bit.


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