58 – Lent

So, I just found the above image on The Blue Room Blog and, first off, I love her post about Lent that I linked.  Go check it out if you’d like.

Anyway…Lent is upon us.

As someone who grew up in the Anglican church and has since converted to Catholicism, Lent is a season of the Church year I’ve always known.  As a little girl, I remember my mom asking me what I would give up that year.  I always said peas or something else I didn’t like.  She tried explaining to me that Lent is about sacrifice and yadda yadda.  It wasn’t until I truly started following Jesus that Lent became a time of growth for me.

I remember hearing my mentor/youth minister explaining that Lent could be a time to take something on instead.  Be it reading the Bible more, praying more, living healthier, exercising, etc.  Not too often have I ever really challenged myself to something additional.  Frankly, the only Lent in the past where I remember really sticking to it was back in 2006 or 2007.  I gave up pop.  It was hard, but Easter came and I didn’t feel the need to grab a glass of Dr. Pepper and it felt good.

Since then, I feel like I’ve been so disconnected and haven’t really taken the opportunity to do anything.  And that’s pretty pathetic to me.

So, this year…I’m taking something on.  Since I converted to Catholicism last year to join Don in his Catholic faith, I love seeing how involved our church gets in Lent.  There is so much happening and so many ways to get involved.  This year, I plan to read through the daily office (readings), attend at least one extra thing at church (mass, prayer group, etc.), pray more, and record my journey in a Lenten blog.

So without further ado……I give you, Lenten Musings.


One thought on “58 – Lent

  1. I also feel like I used to be a lot more focused and committed to Lent. The last few years have just been so stressful for me that I feel like I really need to take the time to focus on staying mentally healthy. Thank you for this. I hope to get back into it again next year.

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