60 – Bad News…

I definitely hurt my ankle.  It’s been bothering me since last Friday.  It’s hurt to walk on and move and has felt tight since then.  Yesterday, after brilliantly wearing heels to work, I noticed that my ankle was actually swelling.  I mentioned it to Don, who immediately said I should go to the doc.

So, since I was off today, I went to MedExpress and they checked me out and took a few x-rays.  Thankfully, it’s not broken, fractured, cracked, or anything.  The tendons aren’t even swollen.  But, while the doctor was checking it out, she was pushing all around it and I almost kicked her I flinched so badly at one point.

She said it easily could have been caused by overuse and high impact.  Needless to say, Jillian’s workouts have been put on the back burner.  ::::sigh::::

Doc told me to rest my ankle and not do anything high impact (running, jumping, anything to cause my ankle to be jarred) for another week or two.  So basically, don’t try to get back on the Ripped in 30 machine.  And then, after that time period, ease into it and make sure I stretch A LOT.

Lovely.  More waiting.

But…I’ll be back to yoga.  So that’s good.


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