67 – Bennett & Camilla by Nora Roberts

I got this book after having read its, sort-of, companion.  The first in the Royals of Cordina series is Gabriella & Alexander and it was lovely.  Here is the Goodreads summary for this book.

The Playboy Prince – – When it comes to women, Prince Bennett has always enjoyed a challenge. So after meeting the quiet and beautiful Lady Hannah Rothchild, the dashing playboy cannot rest until he breaks through her careful reserve. Love had always been a game to Bennett, but with this elusive, mysterious woman he discovers his heart is on the line, and he’s playing for keeps….

Cordina’s Crown Jewel – – For a few precious weeks, Her Royal Highness Camilla de Cordina could be just plain Camilla MacGee. Working in rural Vermont for the devastatingly handsome and utterly cantankerous archaeologist Delaney Caine is the perfect refuge. But Camilla’s irritation with the man soon turns into fascination, then desire, and the royal runaway knows she’ll have to confess. Would Del see her as a woman to be loved, or dismiss her as a royal pain?”

This book was so sweet! I love Nora Roberts and her books. She always, always, always tells you a beautiful story with a happy ending.

This book had two stories within it. The Playboy Prince was about Prince Bennett and how he came to find love with Lady Hannah. It was an action-filled story with the Royals still fighting off the attacks of terrorist, DeBoque. I loved the chemistry between Bennett & Hannah. It was definitely entertaining and their love story was sweet.

The second story was Cordina’s Crown Jewel about Princess Camilla and her finding love with Lord Delaney Caine. This was a more laid back story, which was actually refreshing. The other three stories in this series (“Gabriella & Alexander” as well as Bennett’s) were all action-oriented regarding DeBoque. It was nice to read a story about Camilla and her just wanting a break from royal life and the craziness of the media. Camilla and Delaney’s chemistry was amusing. It was fiery, in that they were constantly arguing, but it was sweet, too.

This was a great book and I would absolutely recommend it for anyone that needs a light read and happy ending.

This was book #24 for me for the year!  I’m doing so well on my goal!  According to Goodreads, I’m 10 books ahead of pace!  Up next to read, Pandemonium by Lauren Oliver.  Super excited for this book!


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