85 – Another Goal!

One of my 30-ish Before 30 goals was to “Get a Grown Up Wardrobe”.  I’m 29 years old and feel like so much of my wardrobe is that of a 19 year old.  I’ve got the random few cute things, and then the many T-shirts to wear with jeans.  I think Don and I both feel the same way.  We both want to start dressing a bit more…mature isn’t the word…but something like that.

I feel like I’m finally making a dent in the whole wardrobe area.  I’m not one to spend excessive amounts of money on clothes.  If I had the money to burn, yeah, that’d be different.  But for now, I’d rather make smart purchases.  Since my birthday was just a couple weeks ago, I had quite a few gift cards as well as some cash on hand to make some wardrobe purchases.  I think I did rather well.  I got all of the below and still have some birthday money and gift cards left.

This was my first purchase of the shopping day.  I headed to LOFT by Ann Taylor (one of my favorite stores in the world!) and took back one of the dresses my mom got me for my birthday.  It was a cute sailor-ish dress…but it just didn’t look right on me.  (She also got me a really cute magenta cotton dress with an embroidered neckline.  I love it and have already worn it!)  Anyway, I found this sundress and couldn’t pass it up.  It was practically an even exchange with the dress I took back!

Then I headed over to NY & Company.  Another of my favorite stores.  I found these awesome shirts.  The white one looks great on!  And the yellow one (I’m actually wearing today) is very flattering.  Don really likes the fit.

I’ve been searching for a pair of casual-ish khaki pants.  Someone, I can’t remember who, told me to check out Old Navy.  I’m not one to shop at Old Navy.  I’ve always thought their clothes are cheap (not made well) and I really just can’t stand going in there.  But, I bit the bullet and went.  I’m really glad I did, too!  I did find a pair of khaki pants that fit well and look pretty good.  Since I had a gift card, it worked even better!  While in there, I also headed over to the Maternity section (for future reference) because I heard Old Navy had a decent selection.  while there, I found a black tank that I plan to use in all of my “baby bump” pictures whenever I do get pregnant since it will grow with me.

After my trip to Old Navy, I headed to American Eagle since I had a gift card and they were having a sale. I ended up finding a few scoop neck shirts.  I have a lot of V-neck and thought I could use some regular Ts.  Here’s what I ended up finding.





Finally, I headed to Target (oh how I love Target) and found some shirts and a skirt!  The skirt below isn’t the exact one I got, but it’s close enough to give you the idea.  I’m really happy with how lucky I got and how much I was really able to find.

I still have another gift card for Express to use.  We’ll see what I can get with that.  I’m so excited because I got such great deals and was able to bring my wardrobe up in maturity.  Here’s hoping for more deals in the future!


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