100 – 30-ish Before 30 Update

Before I even start about my goal list, I can’t believe I’m already at 100 posts!  Yay!

OK…so my goal list.  I’m so excited about my progress with my list.  I still have 9 months and 1 week until my 30th birthday and I think I’m doing pretty well!  I think I’m just going to go goal to goal for my upate……

1. Write a short story or novella. – I briefly started writing a couple months ago after having this crazy ass dream.  But then I got distracted and didn’t pick it back up.  Nothing is sticking right now.  I fear this might be a goal that doesn’t get accomplished.

2. Try something new. (food, hobby, cooking technique, etc.) – I’ve actually tried a few different things, but nothing I felt was new enough to remember or share in here.  I’ll have to pay more attention to this one to be able to post about it.

3. Read The Power of a Praying Wife and begin a prayer journal for/about Don.  As you can see, this goal has already been crossed off.  My prayer journal for Don is already in the works.

4. Have our first baby! (….) – I don’t know if I want to comment on this one.  Let’s just say this journey has been a lot harder than we thought it would be.

5. Send a card a month to someone for no reason.  Family or Friend. (18/21) – This isn’t hard for me to do at all.  I love getting to send cards to people for no reason!  And I’m so close to achieving this goal early!

6. Bake cookies for our neighbors. – I did this for our neighbors last Christmas and they were so happy to receive them!  We have some wonderful neighbors!

7. Learn how to make a wreath. – This was my first goal that I accomplished and posted about.

8. Read 75 books in 2012. (43/75) – This is the one that’s easiest for me to post about.  I’ve been doing alright.  According to my Goodreads ticker, I’m actually 3 books behind pace.  I’ve been reading longer books this year than I did last year.  But I’ve been loving so much of what I’m reading!  I can’t complain at all!

9. Work out at least 3 times a week for a month straight.  (Then 2 months, then 3 months, etc.)  I completed this goal last Fall.  I need to get back to it.

10. Cut out soda from my diet.  I am happy to say that soda is completely out of my diet.  Though, I will admit every once in a while I’ll take a swig of Don’s Pepsi just because I love the carbonation.

11. Follow the E-Mealz plan for 3 months. (3/3)  I’m very glad we did the E-Mealz plan.  The only reason I stopped doing it was that it wasn’t as affordable as I initially thought it would be.  Most of the food we ate on the plan was really good!

12. Clean out and organize the basement. – This is going to be something we try and tackle this upcoming Winter.  We really need to finish our basement and to do that, we need to organize and clean it up.

13. Try a new restaurant every other month. (10/10) – I briefly posted about this in my Penn Brewery post from a week or so ago.  This was not a hard goal to meet!

14. Plant a garden.  Flower, Herb, or Vegetable. – I wanted to start on this goal this past Spring, but since our yard is still a mess, it didn’t happen. But I can say, this isn’t exactly my fault.  There are outside factors (landscapers, trees needing to be taken out, leveling the yard, etc.) keeping me from being able to do this. 

15. Blog at least twice a week. – Well, apparently I’m beginning to suck at this again.  I had done so well…and now I’m slacking.

16. Re-learn French. – I just signed up for the Beginner’s French class at our local Community College.  It will begin in mid-September and go for 6 weeks.  The Intermediate class will begin right afterwards. I’m so excited!

17. Get a grown-up wardrobe.  I posted about this here.  I think I’m still doing alright with it.

18. Have at least one real date night a month. (15/21) – I think the best thing with this goal is that we’re doing it without even trying.  Don and I always make sure we get at least one date night a month.

19. Lose the 10 pounds I’ve gained since getting married. (9.5/10) – OK…this goal.  I feel like I should uncross it off.  I was doing really well with this.  Lost pretty much everything I’d gained.  Then slowly put another few pounds back on.  Today, actually, will be my first day back on.

20. Find an aerobic/fitness activity I actually enjoy. – Yoga.  Hands down.  Though, even though Jillian Michaels kicked my ass and hurt my ankle, they were good workouts.

21. Make homemade bread for the first time. – I still haven’t decided when I will do this.  But I already have the recipe!

22. Pick a weekend and completely spoil Don. – I also haven’t decided when I will do this.  We’ll see.  🙂

23. Make a fruit pie from scratch.  No short cuts. – I think I might do this one when my cousin comes into town to stay with us.  That way there will be another mouth that can eat it.

24. Have friends over for dinner.  Real dinner.  No pizza or take-out. – We had friends over this past Winter and I was so excited to make a big roast and veggies.  I know I made a dessert, but since it was so many months ago, I can’t remember what it was.

25. Go on the Ducky Tours in Pittsburgh. – We already have this planned for mid-September when my cousin’s in town.  FYI – This is a very tourist-y thing in Pittsburgh.  But it’s a tour to learn about the history of the city.  Don’s gone on it before and I’ve always wanted to.

26. Have a picnic with Don. – We’ll probably do this once it cools down a bit.

27. Get a professional type camera and use it.  Or learn how to better use my current camera and use it. – I have my camera and just need to read the book.  I’m just lazy and haven’t.  This would be such an easy goal to meet if I just did it!

28. Walk through the “crunchies” in the Fall. – We didn’t get to this last Fall, but definitely will this Fall.  I’ll have to make sure I accomplish goal 27 beforehand because I bet we could get a bunch of pics in the leaves.

29. Finish 15 of my Presidential Challenge biographies. (1/15) – I’m starting to wish I didn’t put this goal on this list.  Getting through the book on George Washington was tough.  Reading non-fiction in general is tough for me.  This may be another goal that doesn’t get accomplished.

30. Go an entire week without the Internet. – This I did while on vacation this past May.  I’ll probably do it again when we head to Florida at the end of this month.  It was so enjoyable!

31. Make a 30-day photo diary. – I tried doing this once already.  I failed.  I need to try again.

32. Finish an entire book of crossword puzzles. – Don thinks I’m cheating on this goal because I keep looking for a book of easier crossword puzzles.  What do you think?

33. Learn 30 new words. (1/30) – I had originally signed up for a Word of the Day email, but the words kept being ones I already knew.   So I unsubscribed.  I think I need a Word of the Day calendar or something.

So yeah…that’s my update.  I’m pretty happy with my progress!


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