104 – Goal #25 – Crossed Off

Yep!  I crossed off another goal this weekend!  It’s a silly one, but who cares!  Don and I took my cousin on the Pittsburgh Ducky Tours this past Saturday.  It was great!  I learned a lot about my city that I never knew!

A little knowledge for you……
Pittsburgh holds the title of The Most Bridges in the World!  That’s right  Venice, Italy…move over!

But seriously, this was such a cool tour of Pittsburgh.  You drive around in the city and then actually drive right into the 3 Rivers to get a tour while in the water.  If you’re ever heading to the ‘burgh, make sure to check out the Ducky Tours here!

Another thing we did that day was head to our local amusement park, Kennywood, and we were able to get a picture of us at the same exact spot where Don proposed to me a little over 3 years earlier.  It was a great day!

You’ll probably hear from me again this week about another goal!  Goal #16, Re-learn French, will begin being acheived tonight!  I start my French classes today!  I’m so excited!!


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