108 – Je parle Francais!

So, I’m three weeks into my French class and loving it!  I’m so surprised by just how much I remember from jr. and sr. high school!  My teacher is definitely…unique.  She’s a French native and easily in her 70s, but man does she have a crazy sense of humor.

There are only five of us in the class, but it’s been great to have it feel almost like a private tutoring session.  I think the thing I like most is that my teacher cares more about conversation than proper grammar.  We don’t sit and write in our class, we talk.  She’s constantly getting us to ask each other questions.  It’s been a lot of fun.

I’m also pretty excited about how much my teacher likes me.  She’s told me multiple times that my accent is great and my memory and retention has been wonderful.  I’m so encouraged!

I’m so glad I added this to my list of “30-ish Before 30” goals.  I’ve been wanting to take a class for the longest time, and this silly list finally gave me that push.  Even if I don’t do anything with this language, it doesn’t matter.  There is just something I really love about the French language.  J’aime Francais!


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