120 – Goal #2 Complete!

30-ish Before 30 – Goal #2: Try Something New

I did it!  My something new was to start running (which I hate) and run a 5K!  This past Thursday, on Thanksgiving, Don and I ran our local Turkey Chase 5K.  Now, this might not be a big deal to you, but for those that know me, I hate running.  I’ve always sucked at it and never really enjoyed doing it at all.  When I went looking for a decent workout program, I found Couch 2 5K and thought it’d be something I could do.  The program is great.  I was never able to run for very long without getting winded.  C25K was able to train me and my body to handle 30 minutes straight of running!  I’ve never been able to do that before.

So, fast forward to the Turkey Chase.  Don and I got up bright and early to get to the race.  It was only about 28 degrees, but the sun was out and we were pumped to get going.  When the horn blew, my first thought was, “What the heck am I doing?!  Why am I doing this to myself?!”  Throughout the race, since it was Thanksgiving day, I was trying to distract myself by thinking of all of the things I was thankful for.  This was really hard!  I’d name a few things and then concentrate on my breathing or those around me.  Oh well.

Since Don finished about 7 minutes ahead of me, he came back and ran my last 3/4 of a mile with me.  It was awesome.  Crossing the finish line was so great!  I came in at 36:04.  I know I could have run it faster, but I’m pleased with my performance.  I slowed to a walk three times, totaling about a 1/3 of a mile, because I knew I’d be out on my feet all day for Black Friday and Saturday.  Even though I wanted to push myself to perform my best, I also wanted to be able to enjoy the two days of shopping with my mom, aunt, & cousin.  Shopping won out.  🙂

Anyway, running this race and seeing that I could finish and finish well, gave me the encouragement and push to continue running.  I never thought I’d hear myself say that.  But it’s true.  I’m actually enjoying running.  Crazy.


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