125 – Gamble on Engagement (McMaster the Disaster #2) by Rachel Astor

I got this trilogy either for free or for $1 for my Kindle.  They’re not fantastic books by any means, but they’re cutesy.  Here’s the Goodreads summary for this one.

“Book 2 in the McMaster the Disaster series, complete with all new Disaster Diary entries.

Josie McMaster is on the move to London for a top-secret stint as a ghostwriter for a high profile celebrity. It’s her dream job; she’s got a beautiful place to stay in the English countryside, full access to the celebrity, and three months to complete the best ghostwritten autobiography anyone has ever seen.

In true McMaster the Disaster fashion, Josie tumbles head-first into scandal, apparently more than just an average ghostwriter in the eyes of this new celebrity. Not to mention she has never written a biography, but… how hard could it really be?

Of course, the paparazzi is not helping matters, constantly publicizing the ‘when will Jake Hall pop the question’ betting pool, which is completely ridiculous considering she and Jake have only been dating a short while…

… or is it?”

This was a cute and very predictable story. The main character, Josie, is a bit annoying, but that’s just this type of story.

It was an easy read and a book I got for free for my Kindle. I’ll read the next installment just so I will finish the series.


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