126 – A Month of Thankfulness

As November has Thanksgiving, a common theme on Facebook and Twitter is to make it a point to say something you’re thankful for every day.  Here’s my list:

November 1 – Today I’m thankful that my oral surgeon said I don’t need two of my wisdom teeth cut out! Only two need pulled! Yay no surgery!
November 2 – Today I’m thankful that there’s only a 50% chance of rain! Maybe we can finally dry out from the last week of rain!
November 3 – Today I’m thankful for my husband and father-in-law putting up our new porch railing despite the cold weather.
November 4 – Today I’m so thankful for the “Best First Date Ever In The History Of The World” that happened 4 years ago today. Loving life with Donnie.
November 5 – Today I’m thankful that I only have to listen/watch one more day of political ads.
November 6 – Today I’m thankful to be an American, where I have the right to vote and choose who I want to run this country.
November 7 – Today I am thankful for my mom, who has always been there for me and has always been a shining example of love. Happy Birthday!
November 8 – Today I’m thankful for the huge dinner I got yesterday because now I don’t have to make dinner for us tonight.
November 9 – Today I’m thankful for the gift baskets I won at work! CLO tickets and Pens tickets! $100 if the lockout is still on!
November 10 – Today I’m thankful for a date day with my mom at the German Christmas Festival in Harmony.
November 11 – Today I’m thankful for the beautiful, sunny, and 70 degree Fall day! A wonderful day to be outside. Gorgeous!
November 12 – Today I’m thankful for this beautiful sunrise that God blessed me with this morning.Sunrise Pic from Work —>
November 13 – Today I am thankful for God’s faithfulness. He keeps His promises and knows His timing is best.
November 14 – Today I’m thankful for re-connecting with old friends.
November 15 – Today I’m thankful for my mom’s aunt, Millie. A wonderfully fun & hilarious woman who we sadly lost today.
November 16 – Today I’m thankful for Donnie and the date night he planned for us tonight!
November 17 – Today I’m thankful for lunch dates with a friend, book talk, and family time to celebrate my cousin’s birthday!
November 18 – Today I’m thankful for my Skype date with Leanne! Germany is just too far away. Can’t wait to see her face!
November 19 – Today I’m thankful for our warm and cozy house in this colder weather.
November 20 – Today I’m thankful for Donnie. It’s so wonderful to have a husband that makes me laugh so much.
November 21 – Today I’m thankful for the beautiful 60+ degree day we had!
November 22 – Today I’m thankful for my wonderful family and friends and getting to celebrate this holiday with them. Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!
November 23 – Today I’m thankful for the fun and silliness that will ensue on the Chica’s Annual Shop-a-Thon. Though, we’re sad Mary and Darla can’t join us this year. It won’t be the same.
November 24 – Today I’m thankful for the snow on the ground, the snow in the air, and Christmas Carols on the radio! Eeeeee!!!! The Christmas Season is here!!!
November 25 – Today I’m thankful for lazy days on the couch with Best Husband Ever.
November 26 – Today I’m thankful for Best Husband Ever and the ice cream he bought me for my mouth and its two less teeth.
November 27 – Today I’m thankful for wonderful friends who think of me even when they’re thousands of miles away. So happy to get mail from Germany!
November 28 – Today I’m thankful for Donnie and the constant love and support he always gives me and our marriage. In the good times and in the not-so-good times, he is there to hold me up.
November 29 – Today I’m thankful for the peace that God gives you when you fully trust you’re where He wants you to be.
November 30 – Today I’m thankful for the entire holiday season and the memories from the past, the fun of the present, the hopes and dreams for the future, and the love all the time.

All in all…it was a pretty great month!


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