127 – The Wedding Wager (McMaster the Disaster #3) by Rachel Astor

The Wedding WagerFinally finished this trilogy.  I’m quite thankful I got it for free.  Here’s the Goodreads summary.

“Josie’s back and she’s getting married!

Except, how is she supposed to plan a wedding when her mother and her best friend Mattie both think they’re the designated wedding planner, and none of their ideas are remotely similar? Mom wants super-traditional and Mattie wants… well, the complete opposite.

And that’s not all Josie has to deal with. The gossip hounds are as invasive as ever; setting up polls on everything from what shoes she’ll wear to when the divorce will be! Can’t a girl at least get married first?

But the marriage is threatened when the Disaster Diary provides Josie with an opportunity of a lifetime and the real question becomes: with the stakes so high, is Josie willing to risk it all and take a chance on herself?”

It was a cute story. Not the best writing by any means, but I was entertained. The main character gets a bit annoying throughout this series. In fact, I think one of the most annoying things is that she’s a COMPLETE doormat. She lets everyone walk all over her. It’s just not attractive. The entire series is filled with completely impossible situations and outcomes. And of course the ending is wrapped up with a huge bow.

All in all, it was just OK. Not the best by any means, but entertaining enough to warrant more than 2 stars.


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