167 – Cowards by Glenn Beck

CowardsI’ve wanted to read a book by Glenn Beck for a while.  As a part of the 2013 Genre Challenge I’m working through, I figured I’d give one of his books a try for my Political read.  Here’s the Goodreads summary.

As we approach the most important presidential election in America’s history, something has been lost among all of the debates, attack ads, and super- PACs—something that Americans used to hold in very high regard: THE TRUTH.

Glenn Beck likes to say that “the truth has no agenda”—but there’s another side to that: people who have agendas rarely care about the truth. And, these days, it seems like everyone has an agenda. The media leads with stories that rate over those that matter. Politicians put lobbyists and electability over honesty. Radicals alter history in order to change the future.

In Cowards, Glenn Beck exposes the truth about thirteen important issues that have been hijacked by deceit. Whether out of spite, greed, or fear, these are the things that no one seems to be willing to have an honest conversation about. For example:

* How our two-party POLITICAL SYSTEM often leaves voters with NO GOOD OPTIONS.

* How extremists are slowly integrating ISLAMIC LAW into our SOCIETY.

* How PROGRESSIVE “religious” leaders like JIM WALLIS are politicizing the Bible.

* How the CARTEL VIOLENCE on our border is FAR WORSE than people realize.

* How “LIBERTARIAN” has been INTENTIONALLY turned into a DIRTY WORD.

* How GEORGE SOROS has amassed enough MONEY and POWER to INFLUENCE entire ECONOMIES.

In some cases, the truth is out there, but people simply don’t want to hear it. It’s much easier, and certainly a lot more convenient, to keep our blinders on. After all, as a quote attributed to President James Garfield made clear, “The truth will set you free, but first it will make you miserable.”

Miserable or not, the truth can no longer be something we hope for; it must be something we live. When courage prevails, cowards do not—and this book was written to ensure that’s exactly what happens.”

It took me a while to get through this book. Not because I didn’t like it, but because it always takes me a while to get through non-fiction. Add to the fact that this book deals with some heavy issues, and it’s no wonder it took me a month to read it.

I really enjoyed this read. I like Glenn Beck. I like his writing style. I like him as a person.

I also think that the more I read this book, the more I realized I’m closer to a Libertarian than I thought.

I can also say I learned a lot. I feel like I had no idea what the drug cartels were actually like until reading this book. You hear the stories on the radio about a random person here and there being killed, but this chapter really exploded the reality of these cartels. The magnitude of their influence is mind-boggling. It’s not even close to “just another gang.”

As a frequent listener of my local Fox News talk radio station, I know a lot about what is going on in the world, but because I haven’t always listened, there are things I didn’t know. Within Beck’s chapter on “The Islamist Agenda”, I learned a lot of background that I hadn’t previously know. I was finally able to connect names and places I’ve heard about to real-life things. This was very helpful to me.

I also really enjoyed reading Beck’s chapter on Education in America. I LOVED his idea of shutting the entire system down, truly identifying the problem, then starting over. I liked how he described it as if our educational system is like a flu outbreak. Instead of keeping the schools open to harbor the flu more, shut it down and sanitize/clean it all out. He’s absolutely right in saying how screwed up our educational system is. Reading this chapter just brought back memories from junior and senior high school and about how much I didn’t learn. I’d like to think the public school district I attended didn’t have another agenda, but I can honestly say I don’t remember much of what I learned, especially about American history.

All in all, I’m very glad I chose this book as my “Political” book for my book club’s Genre Challenge. I’ve wanted to read one of Beck’s books for a while and I’m happy to have delved in. I think this was a great book to start with and hope to read more of his work in the future.


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