174 – National Infertility Awareness Week

NIAW-2013-1in8-you-knowWe’ve only “come out” to our immediate families, but here’s the truth.  Don and I have been trying to add to our family of two for 18 months now.  We’ve been diagnosed as Infertile.  And it sucks.

Unless you’ve been through it, you have no idea what it’s like.  You’ve no idea how the littlest comment is like a dagger through the heart.  You’ve no idea that your April Fool’s Day “joke” about being pregnant isn’t funny at all.  You’ve no idea how seeing a pregnant woman makes the rest of your day shitty.  You’ve no idea what it feels like to see negative test after negative test after negative test.  You’ve no idea what it’s like to spend thousands of dollars to try to have a child only for it not to work.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAGoing through Infertility has been more painful than anything I’ve ever experienced.  It meant giving up on plans and dreams we had for our lives.  It meant struggling with our faith.  It meant enduring family members being insensitive.  And those are just the top three!

And yet through it all, we’re stronger than we’ve ever been.  Our marriage is better.  We know the love and devotion we have for each other and our future family.  We know we can do it.  We know it’s worth the fight.  We will not give up on the children we’re meant to have.  We press on.  We push through.  We give it everything we have.  Our children are worth it.

If you want more information about Infertility and the very real-ness of this disease, please check out Resolve’s website.  They are the National Infertility Association and have tons of information about Infertility, the statistics of how many people/couples are actually struggling with Infertility, and much more.

The first thing I’d recommend you read is Infertility Etiquette.  Please be aware of what you say when you are speaking to an Infertile.  So often people are hurtful without meaning to be.  Don’t be one of them.


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