175 – Goal 31: 30-Day Photo Diary – First 10 Days

Goal #31 – Make a 30-day Photo Diary.

Day 1: April 20
I never thought I’d get a picture of my toenails and my nephew’s toenails both being the same color.  Cute!
Houston-10Day 2: April 21
My nephew is quite silly.  He likes to goof around.  And, clearly, he loves sticking his tongue out.
Houston-8Day 3: April 22
“Coming Out” on Facebook about our Infertility.
Day 3Day 4: April 23
This is a piece of my cube wall at work.  Do you see a pattern?
Day 4Day 5: April 24
The best picture for the month.  Seeing Don’s flight info and that his flight was landing early!  After not seeing him for 3 1/2 weeks, it was very exciting!
Day 5Day 6: April 25
I have two for this day because it was impossible to choose.
The first, I found this jar of BBQ sauce at Lowe’s (of all places) and I bought it for my brother.  I just couldn’t resist.
Day 6The second, as you will see, was just as amazing.  Donnie and I went to Dick’s Sporting Goods for him to get some new running shoes.  As we were walking through the store, we saw these goodies.  I’m surprised we didn’t walk out with at least one of them.
Day 6-2Day 7: April 26
We went for a drive on this day to check out a house we saw online.  As we were driving, we turned the wrong way and happened upon this.  This used to be a lake.  Crazy.
Day 7Day 8: April 27
One of my best friends now lives in Hamburg, Germany.  My other best friend and I try to Skype with her as much as we can.  This was mid-Skype.
Day 8Day 9: April 28
This is the beginning of my herb garden getting some rain on our front porch.
Day 9Day 10: April 29
My calendar for today.  And yet I feel like this everyday while at work.
Day 10


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