180 – Goal 31: 30-Day Photo Diary – Final 10 Days

Goal #31: Make a 30-day Photo Diary

Day 21: May 10
Here I am…finally enjoying a book.  I haven’t picked up a book in a month.  That’s weird.  It feels good to be back.
Day 21Day 22: May 11
I’m really good at self-portraits.  Here we are at the cocktail hour of a wedding we went to this day.  We’re pretty sexy.
Day 22Day 23: May 12
And here’s Charlie…loving where he sleeps in our room.  On my pile of slippers.  I thought it was about time for a new bed for him.
Day 23Day 24: May 13
After yesterday’s picture, I definitely got him a new bed.  Here he is checking it out.  And afterwards, some cuddles on the couch.
Day 24Day 24-2Day 25: May 14
I didn’t take a picture today.  I remember thinking about it.  But I didn’t get one.  FAIL.

Day 25 REDO: May 15
OK…here’s Day 25-ish.  Just another moment in the life of an Infertile.  I had to get bloodwork…again.  And this chick freakin’ jabbed me.  I’ve never had my arm hurt for hours afterwards.
Day 25Day 26: May 16
This is my calendar for today.  It made me laugh.
Day 26Day 27: May 17
We were at Goodwill trying to find a couple things for a “Saved by the Bell” birthday party we were attending.  Don found this gem.
Day 27Day 28: May 18
Here we are at the “Saved by the Bell” party.  We’re pretty hot.
Day 28Day 29: May 19
After getting home from my surprise party (yay!), here I am in all my glory.  Tiara and awesome champagne glass included.  🙂
Day 29Day 30: May 20
And here is the moment I turned 30.  7:55am.  30-ish Before 30 officially over!
Day 30


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