209 – New Year!

It’s a brand new year!  With all of the usual resolutions people make and then not follow through with, I plan on keeping my “resolutions” simple this year.

1. Read 50 books – What with new motherhood/parenthood quickly approaching, I have no idea what to expect or what life will be like.  So I’m not going to strive for more than 50 books this year.

2. Be an Intentional Wife – As we’re expecting our son in just 3 months, I want to keep alive the wonderful marriage Don and I have shared these past 3+ years.  I also want to keep in the forefront of my mind something we were told during our pre-marital counseling.  The priest who married us told us to always keep God first, spouse second, and children third.  He talked about how if we put our children above our spouse, there won’t be much of a marriage left once the kids are grown and out of the house.

3. Be a Real Mother – By this I mean that I want to be genuine about how I’m doing as a mother.  I don’t want to put unattainable expectations on myself when it comes to learning how to be a Mom.  This is an entirely new experience for me and I have no idea what to expect.  I also want to trust my instincts and Don’s instincts when it comes to parenting our son.

4. Love God Better – I’ve been a real slacker in terms of my relationship with God.  I haven’t prayed as much as I’d like to.  I want to change that.  He deserves better.

Not a bad list.  These are very real goals.  The only one that is actually “measurable” is my reading goal.  But I think by the end of 2014, I’ll be able to see how I am as a wife, mother, follower of Jesus, and person in general.  That will tell me how I really did on these goals/resolutions.

What’s on your list?


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