50 Great American Love Stories

Photo From Amazon.com

Photo From Amazon.com

I found out about the 50 Great American Love Stories challenge on the Nest book club’s website. You can read more about the books and choices here.  While reading about this challenge, I thought it was such a great idea!  What a wonderful way to read about every state in our country.  As one of the women in my online book club said, “What a great way to ‘travel’ the States!”

I can’t decide how this challenge will be worked into my current read list.  I may just have to wait on this for next year or take a couple years to accomplish this list.  I’ll add the book name after I’ve read the book.  On to the 50 states we go!

Alabama –
Alaska –
Arizona –
Arkansas –
California –
Colorado –
Connecticut –
Delaware –
Florida –
Georgia – 
Hawaii –
Idaho –
Illinois –
Indiana –
Iowa –
Kansas –
Kentucky –
Louisiana –
Maine –
Maryland –
Massachusetts –
Michigan –
Minnesota –
Mississippi –
Missouri –
Montana –
Nebraska –
Nevada –
New Hampshire –
New Jersey –
New Mexico –
New York –
North Carolina –
North Dakota –
Ohio – 
Oklahoma – 
Oregon – 
Pennsylvania – 
Rhode Island – 
South Carolina – 
South Dakota – 
Tennessee – 
Texas – 
Utah – 
Vermont – 
Virginia –
Washington – 
West Virginia –
Wisconsin –
Wyoming –


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