180 – Goal 31: 30-Day Photo Diary – Final 10 Days

Goal #31: Make a 30-day Photo Diary

Day 21: May 10
Here I am…finally enjoying a book.  I haven’t picked up a book in a month.  That’s weird.  It feels good to be back.
Day 21Day 22: May 11
I’m really good at self-portraits.  Here we are at the cocktail hour of a wedding we went to this day.  We’re pretty sexy.
Day 22Day 23: May 12
And here’s Charlie…loving where he sleeps in our room.  On my pile of slippers.  I thought it was about time for a new bed for him.
Day 23Day 24: May 13
After yesterday’s picture, I definitely got him a new bed.  Here he is checking it out.  And afterwards, some cuddles on the couch.
Day 24Day 24-2Day 25: May 14
I didn’t take a picture today.  I remember thinking about it.  But I didn’t get one.  FAIL.

Day 25 REDO: May 15
OK…here’s Day 25-ish.  Just another moment in the life of an Infertile.  I had to get bloodwork…again.  And this chick freakin’ jabbed me.  I’ve never had my arm hurt for hours afterwards.
Day 25Day 26: May 16
This is my calendar for today.  It made me laugh.
Day 26Day 27: May 17
We were at Goodwill trying to find a couple things for a “Saved by the Bell” birthday party we were attending.  Don found this gem.
Day 27Day 28: May 18
Here we are at the “Saved by the Bell” party.  We’re pretty hot.
Day 28Day 29: May 19
After getting home from my surprise party (yay!), here I am in all my glory.  Tiara and awesome champagne glass included.  🙂
Day 29Day 30: May 20
And here is the moment I turned 30.  7:55am.  30-ish Before 30 officially over!
Day 30


178 – Goal 31: 30-Day Photo Diary – Second 10 Days

Goal #31: Make a 30-day Photo Diary

Day 11: April 30
One of our favorite things to do in the warmer weather is take walks around our neighborhood.  It was such a beautiful day that I actually got two pictures.  The first is of the beautiful clouds in the sky.  The second is what I love most about Spring.  The new life!
Day 11Day 11-2Day 12: May 1
This was the sunrise coming over the horizon as I was about to get into my car to go to work.  What a beautiful way to begin May.
Day 12Day 13: May 2
As I mentioned previously, Don and I like to take walks after work in the gorgeous Spring, Summer, and  Fall weather we have here in the ‘burgh.  Here’s a pic from our walk this day.  This is walking along the road near our house.  I love how they planted the trees lining the road and how they switch colors.  It’s a random thing, but it’s so pretty.
Day 13Day 14: May 3
Life of an Infertile.  I’ve been here so many times in the last year.  And again this morning…..
Day 14Day 15: May 4
My oldest brother is getting married in just a few short weeks.  As is Pittsburgh tradition, there will be a cookie table at the reception.  I’m helping contribute to the cookie table.  Here are the Thumbprints…they will definitely match our bridesmaid dresses and the rest of the wedding.
Day 15Day 16: May 5
Our church hosted an Afternoon Tea on this day.  Here’s my place setting with my tea and scone.  I had some fantastic raspberry tea.  It was a lovely afternoon with my mom and mother-in-law.
Day 16Day 17: May 6
I’ve got two for today.  One is from our walk today.  It was a beautiful day and the clouds were so fluffy!
Day 17And here’s our cat, Charlie….doing what he always does in the evenings.  He sits on the couch next to me and facing away from us.  It’s weird.
Day 17-2Day 18: May 7
Goal #32 on my list is “Finish an entire book of crossword puzzles.”  Here’s my progress so far.  There are 124 puzzles in this book.  I can usually get through a few a night.  I was making dinner while doing this one.
Day 18Day 19: May 8
So I think it’s obvious that I like taking pictures of the sky.  I just always feel so close to God when I see the sky in all it’s beauty.  Here’s the sky as I was getting into my car to go to work.
Day 19And here’s Charlie, again.  This is him trying to get me to get up and give him treats.  He absolutely knows the time, every night, that we go to bed.  And he absolutely knows that he gets treats every night before we go to bed.  Here’s he’s trying to get me up without actually looking at me.
Day 19-2Day 20: May 9
I’ve got two for today…taken just seconds apart.  Here’s the first.  My work set up…at home.  I put in almost five hours at home this evening.  Not fun.
Day 20And here’s the second picture.  Charlie looking up at me wondering what I’m doing sitting at the kitchen table when I should be in the other room on the couch so he can cuddle.
Day 20-2Woohoo!  I’m two-thirds finished!  Yay!

175 – Goal 31: 30-Day Photo Diary – First 10 Days

Goal #31 – Make a 30-day Photo Diary.

Day 1: April 20
I never thought I’d get a picture of my toenails and my nephew’s toenails both being the same color.  Cute!
Houston-10Day 2: April 21
My nephew is quite silly.  He likes to goof around.  And, clearly, he loves sticking his tongue out.
Houston-8Day 3: April 22
“Coming Out” on Facebook about our Infertility.
Day 3Day 4: April 23
This is a piece of my cube wall at work.  Do you see a pattern?
Day 4Day 5: April 24
The best picture for the month.  Seeing Don’s flight info and that his flight was landing early!  After not seeing him for 3 1/2 weeks, it was very exciting!
Day 5Day 6: April 25
I have two for this day because it was impossible to choose.
The first, I found this jar of BBQ sauce at Lowe’s (of all places) and I bought it for my brother.  I just couldn’t resist.
Day 6The second, as you will see, was just as amazing.  Donnie and I went to Dick’s Sporting Goods for him to get some new running shoes.  As we were walking through the store, we saw these goodies.  I’m surprised we didn’t walk out with at least one of them.
Day 6-2Day 7: April 26
We went for a drive on this day to check out a house we saw online.  As we were driving, we turned the wrong way and happened upon this.  This used to be a lake.  Crazy.
Day 7Day 8: April 27
One of my best friends now lives in Hamburg, Germany.  My other best friend and I try to Skype with her as much as we can.  This was mid-Skype.
Day 8Day 9: April 28
This is the beginning of my herb garden getting some rain on our front porch.
Day 9Day 10: April 29
My calendar for today.  And yet I feel like this everyday while at work.
Day 10