30-ish Before 30

Times UpI will be turning 30 on May 20, 2013.

There are big things and there are little things.  If it’s been crossed out, the goal is completed.

1. Write a short story or novella.
2. Try something new. (food, hobby, cooking technique, etc.)
3. Read The Power of a Praying Wife and begin a prayer journal for/about Don.
4. Have our first baby! (….)
5. Send a card a month to someone for no reason.  Family or Friend. (21/21)
6. Bake cookies for our neighbors.
7. Learn how to make a wreath.
8. Read 75 books in 2012. (75/75)
9. Work out at least 3 times a week for a month straight.  (Then 2 months, then 3 months, etc.)
10. Cut out soda from my diet.
11. Follow the E-Mealz plan for 3 months. (3/3)
12. Clean out and organize the basement.
13. Try a new restaurant every other month. (10/10)
14. Plant a garden.  Flower, Herb, or Vegetable.
15. Blog at least twice a week.
16. Re-learn French. (My class started 9/17/12!)
17. Get a grown-up wardrobe.
18. Have at least one real date night a month. (21/21)
19. Lose at least 10 of the pounds I’ve gained since getting married. (13/10)
20. Find an aerobic/fitness activity I actually enjoy.
21. Make homemade bread for the first time.
22. Pick a weekend and completely spoil Don.
23. Make a fruit pie from scratch.  No short cuts.
24. Have friends over for dinner.  Real dinner.  No pizza or take-out.
25. Go on the Ducky Tours in Pittsburgh.
26. Have a picnic with Don.
27. Get a professional type camera and use it.  Or learn how to better use my current camera and use it.
28. Walk through the “crunchies” in the Fall.
29. Finish 15 of my Presidential Challenge biographies. (1/15)
30. Go an entire week without the Internet.
31. Make a 30-day photo diary.  (Will happen 4/20/13 – 5/20/2013)
32. Finish an entire book of crossword puzzles.  (Almost halfway finished!)
33. Learn 30 new words. (1/30)


One thought on “30-ish Before 30

  1. I like your list! The first couple of years I did mine I only completed about half of my goals! It’s hard for me to be realistic when I start thinking of things and get really excited.. 🙂

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